When you build in Brightwood, you have the opportunity to design and bring to life the home of your dreams. 

2023 is officially here and with a new year comes new colour, texture, theme and style trends. Whether you’re in the process of planning your new home or looking to give your current interiors an overhaul, we’ve put together a list of the biggest 2023 interior trends you should try.

Texture Texture Texture

Texture is set to be a big player this year. Creating textural interest in your home is a great way to add visual interest to any room. From textured paint finishes to statement wallpapers, texture is here to stay. 

Vibrant, Bold Colours

2023 is changing it up in terms of colours. While previous years have focused on cool greys, whites and neutrals, bright, bold colours are all the rage this year. There are no rules for choosing the right palette for your home but try starting with a bold base like coral reds, earthy greens and buttery yellow.




From passive energy consumption to organic materials and reclaimed furniture, creating eco-friendly homes will be a big focus this year and in the future. Look at integrating locally sourced or second-hand furniture as well as energy efficient lights and recycled materials. 

Geometric Patterns 

The popularity of geometric  patterns will only continue to grow this year. Bring this trend into your home by keeping a look out for throw cushions, bowls, paintings, rugs and bedding that showcases checkered patterns.


Brightwood is the perfect place to put all these trends into practice. If you can see a future for you or your family at Brightwood, feel free to get in touch with our team who would love to chat to you about available house and land packages.


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