The best season of the year is here, in fact! What other occasion of the year gives you a reason to fill out your house with lots of sparkles! From using native flora and choosing a simple colour scheme to stringing lights and picking the perfect tree, there are endless choices when decorating your Brightwood home.

 Keep reading to find 5 ways to style your home!

Choose a colour scheme

Gone are the days of red, white and green colour palettes so why not get the kids involved and brainstorm a new colour theme for this year? From tree baubles to table styling and everything in between, once you’ve chosen your colours the rest is easy.

Real Christmas Tree

Love the idea of the seasonal fragrance of pine waiting throughout your home this holiday season? Then a real Christmas tree might be the perfect option for your home this year. Not only are they a great environmentally friendly option, picking the right one can also be a fun day out with the family.

Light it up

Whether they’re wrapped around your tree, strung along a sideboard or hanging from the front of your house, Christmas lights are a fail-safe way to bring some festive cheer into your home. With so many different styles and colours available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect ones to suit your theme. 

Less is more 

When decorating your home for the festive season there’s nothing more exciting than slowly putting pieces together. We recommend slowly transitioning items into your space to create excitement. This could include putting a few Christmas decorations as centrepieces of your living room. 

What styling tips and tricks are you going to try these holidays? Let us know and be sure to tag us when you do. 

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