Baldivis is known to be a family-friendly area that perfectly blends bustling city life with nature. Located in the heart of Baldivis, Brightwood is surrounded by so many open spaces including parks, walking trails, picnic spots, and any outdoor fitness facilities. Keep reading to discover all the great green spaces close to home.

Brightwood Adventure Park

One of the best things about living in Brightwood is having the world-class Adventure Park right on your doorstep. Featuring a nature playground, fitness equipment, barbecues, Brightwood Adventure Park has it all. Located right in the heart of our estate it offers a fantastic setting for family picnics, outdoor games, or a relaxing stroll any day of the week.



Baldivis Children’s Forest

Stepping slightly beyond Brightwood, the region of Baldivis brims with beautiful natural spaces. The Baldivis Children’s Forest is a unique, community-managed park where children can connect with nature in a safe environment. This sprawling, well-maintained 20-hectare public reserve was created as a bushland reserve for kids to enjoy as a conservation wetland. Local students have played a key role in establishing plants indigenous to the area, providing a natural and safe habitat for a whole range of animal, reptiles and bird species.



Walking Trails

Our community also hosts a network of walking and cycling trails, interconnecting parks and residential areas with safe walkways. Ideal for morning jogs, leisurely bike rides or a walk with the dog, these trails add an element of adventure to your daily routine. Baldivis Fitness Zone, located close by, provides outdoor gym facilities for residents who prefer a bit of an alfresco workout.



Brightwood is only a stone’s throw away from over 30 kilometres of pristine, turquoise coastline. This means that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. Whether you love sunset strolls, early morning dips, riding the waves or salty weekends with the kids, we guarantee there’s the perfect beach for you close by. Some of our favourites are Rockingham Beach, Secret Harbour and Safety Bay Beach.


In Brightwood, every day presents an opportunity for a new family adventure surrounded by nature. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone who loves a good picnic, Brightwood’s outdoor spaces have something for you. If you can see a future for you and your family at Brightwood Baldivis, feel free to get in touch with our team who would love to chat to you about available house and land packages.

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