Now that summer is over, the grey skies and wet mornings of winter start to set in as we ready ourselves for a season of cosy jumpers, hearty home-cooked meals and drinking wine by the fireplace. The colder season brings with it the perfect excuse to give our homes a little winter makeover and it can be as easy as incorporating a few blankets, laying down some rugs or incorporating warmer hues.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite cosy home trends that will help you create the perfect winter wonderland in your Brightwood home.

Bring Nature Indoors

With rain, winds and colder temperatures suppressing our desire to head outside, it is the perfect time to bring a little of the outdoors indoors. Adding some greenery into your home is the perfect way to lighten up your space and create a sense of freshness and calm. You can’t go wrong with the hardy snake plant or the trailing pothos.



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Introduce Layers

Adding layers like rugs, blankets, throw cushions are the perfect way to cosy up your home this winter. These all provide an element of cosiness to the room, and you’ll also have warmers close by to help keep you snug as a bug.


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Light it Up

With winter solstice just around the corner, the days are shorter than their summer counter parts. You can use this natural lack of natural light to create atmosphere by adding a variety of lighting. Candles, lamps and overhead lights are all great places to start. We suggest looking for bulbs that have warmer tones to create an overall warm feel to the room.


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We would love to see your take on this season’s home trends so be sure to tag us in any of your new home photos! You could be styling your very own home at Brightwood with a range of affordable house and land packages just waiting to be snapped up!

For more information or to view Brightwood for yourself, please feel free to contact either Debra or Lee, they would love to chat to you.


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