As we step into 2024, new trends are transforming the way we decorate our living spaces. From colours to curves, this year’s interior design trends are a captivating blend of mix-and-match creativity and eco-conscious living, set to redefine the aesthetics of our homes and spaces.

Colour schemes
With a colour palette of varying tones and particularly softer and warmer hues predicted as the colours of 2024, chocolate brown is on the rise followed by restrained use of stronger colours such as coral and persimmon, burnt orange and mustard. Shades of blue and green are also set to remain quite popular. The traditional rules of using only cool or warm tones are bound to be broken, instead embracing a fusion of the tones in a mix-and-match approach that harmonises seamlessly.

To achieve this balanced look in your Brightwood home, consider making the wall colour or larger statement pieces of furniture neutral tones, then accessorise with rugs or cushions in the opposite tone with one of the stronger colours like green or blue.



Curves continue to have a moment in interior design, so why not bring a sense of playfulness into your home. Consider irregular shaped furniture or sculptures as a focal point in your home, serving as both functional elements and striking artistic statements. With local stores like The Cumquat Tree or Bed Bath ‘N’ Table located in Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre, finding these statement pieces is made easy. They’ll be sure to encourage conversation when your guests come over!



Green living
Homes in 2024 aren’t just spaces, they’re our sanctuary. As we continue to learn more about various elements and their impact on the living environment, our decisions are often more reflective of this. Think multiple indoor plants, pieces made with reclaimed wood or recycled plastics, and eco-friendly natural fabric choices that give homes a unique and earthy feel.
Technology is also upping its game with smart lighting and energy-saving gadgets that are having a positive impact on the environment and our energy bills!
Interior decoration is no longer just about looking good, but feeling good at the same time.



From harmonious colours to embracing natural textures and organic shapes, these trends invite us to create homes that reflect our individuality as well as a commitment to a greener future; reshaping the way we envision and inhabit our living spaces. Making the move to Brightwood even more exciting.