Hosting a classic Aussie BBQ afternoon is the perfect opportunity to show off your brand-new home here in Brightwood to all your loved ones. There can be a bit involved when it comes to hosting a BBQ bonanza, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide to putting together the most memorable afternoon for family and friends at your new house.

The perfect barbie in the perfect spot
The friendly team at Bunnings Baldivis are only a five-minute drive away and will be able to assist you with picking the best BBQ for your needs. From small compact Webber’s to impressively large, hooded barbies, they can help you find just the right one to fit your space.

Any Aussie knows that being the Chief BBQ-er is a big job and one that everyone else likes to supervise. Gathering around the BBQ to pass on tips, lending a hand and enjoying a drink is something most of your guests will delight in, so ensure you place your BBQ somewhere that isn’t a long way from the main entertaining area. This also means you won’t miss out on any of the fun by being away from the party when you’re expertly preparing everyone’s food.

Prepare early
No one wants to be running around like crazy before, or when, their guests arrive which is why we suggest getting some things ready ahead of time so you can relax and unwind with everyone else. Think about marinating any meat and cleaning the barbie the day before and chopping up any salad ingredients the morning of. You could also take all the utensils and tableware out early if you’ve got an undercover area. Start soon so you can relax later!

Grill more than meat
Why stop at steak?! Although it’s essential to have the staples and crowd pleasers like sausages, steak and chops, there’s so much more to a good BBQ. Impress your guests with some ‘out-of-the-box’ grilled delights such as pizzas and potato wedges, or some vegetables to give them that incredible smokey flavour. Why stop at savoury? BBQ some delicious pears sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon; they make for an amazing dessert! For a truly Australian addition, try these epic homemade and BBQ’d dampers:

Delegate to avoid double ups
To avoid ending up with a million and one garden salads, politely ask your guests to bring a certain dish, that way you’ll have plenty of variety and there’ll be something for everyone. You could think of all the dishes you want to have, pop them on little pieces of paper in a hat and draw out each one on behalf of a guest. Or you could divvy up the dishes by last name. So A-H bring a long or starter or side, I-P do the salads and Q-Z serve up dessert!

Add some activities
Outdoor games are a great way to keep the kids entertained while adding some extra fun for the big kids to enjoy. We love a bit of backyard cricket or mini soccer if space permits or look at something like Finska and good old fashion limbo if you’ve opted for a smaller backyard in place of a more spacious new home here in Brightwood.

Dazzle with delicious drinks
Top off a perfect afternoon by topping up your guests with a tasty beverage. Your guests are bound to bring along their favourite tipples, but why not impress them even more by putting together a cocktail or mocktail that will delight tastebuds and perfectly complement your BBQ feast. Sangria and mojitos are big crowd pleasers and can be made in a drink dispenser, so you don’t have to worry about taking time to make everyone an individual one. Pinterest is packed with delicious recipes that can be made in large batches so you can wow your guests without breaking the bank. If you are putting on drinks for guests, don’t forget to have a mocktail option like a fruit iced tea for those that want it.

Now you’re fully armed with all the knowledge and skills to host the best Brightwood BBQ, it’s time to invite your loved ones and enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon. We’d love to see what kind of Aussie BBQ afternoon you create so don’t forget tag us into any posts about the day!

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