With 8 schools in the Baldivis area to choose from, you will have a choice of independent public schools and private schools with two Secondary options.  The government has also announced a new Primary School will open in Baldivis.  Yet to be named, the primary school will be located on Nairn Drive with construction starting in late 2019.  Accommodating up to 430 students from kindergarten to Year 6 it is anticipated the school will open in 2021.

Ridge View Secondary College

Located in the Brightwood estate, Ridge View Secondary College is a new and distinctive secondary school where academic aspiration and achievement are fostered and celebrated. Students of all interests and abilities will be guided towards their individual goals and encouraged to explore their potential. Quality education will be delivered, promoted and developed using best teaching practice, while providing students with a rich, diverse and comprehensive learning environment.

Ridge View Secondary College is now open.  Each year the school will expand before catering for a full cohort of students from Year 7 to 12 in 2024.