June 30, 2020 in Gardening

Adding some personality to your front yard can be the perfect way to add your stamp on your new community. You could create a green retreat for you and your guests to enjoy, a fun zone for the local kids or a Zen space with amazing water features.

We’ve found some clever ideas to add a little, or a lot, of your flavour into your front yard.

Do your love to potter… or would rather not?

If you’re a regular green thumb, planting annuals can ensure there is always something for you to play with and you have the ability to update your ‘look’ regularly. If you’re time poor or gardening is just not your thing, natives and perennials are a great option that will last for years without requiring too much care. Filling the space with large rocks, paths, garden features and ornaments that don’t require any upkeep is also a great way to reduce your garden maintenance.

Image: Homes to Love Aus

Theme Time

Choosing a theme can really show your personality and create unique verge appeal. Think about the places you enjoy visiting or find inspirational images to design your perfect garden oasis.

Brightwood is close to the coast, so how about a beach theme that features white and cream coloured pebbles, native beachy shrubs and paving in sand coloured tones?

Or perhaps you love an Australiana theme and want to attract native birds to your garden with local plants and flowers?

A Japanese themed garden might be a little more work, but the tidy hedges, mossy ground covers, water features, pops of plant colour and purposefully placed stones or pebbles can make the ‘Zen feel’ all worth it!

Maybe a desert theme appeals to you? Both low maintenance and eye-catching, you can find an endless assortment of cacti, all shapes and sizes perfect for every nook and corner in your garden.

Images: Mary Caldwell, Pinterest

Posting Personality

It might not sound like much, but styling your letter box can add some personal ‘zhuzh’ to your front yard and tie your garden theme together. Think about creative ways to present your house numbers or even get really adventurous with the whole letterbox.

Repurposing an old surfboard is a fun option if you’ve chosen a beach theme. Attaching a planter box with small flowers is another great way to brighten up a traditional brick or concrete letter box. The possibilities are endless!

Images: Pinterest

Neighbourhood Kid Zone

One thing Brightwood is known for is our vibrant and inclusive community and this can be further explored by creating a neighbourhood kid zone for your kiddos and their friends in your front garden. Instead of keeping your trampoline out the back why not bring it on the front lawn, inviting your kids and their neighbour-pals to play and create afternoons and weekends of endless fun.

A front yard sand pit can also act as both feature and function, where the little ones can play with their shovels and diggers to their hearts content with their local besties. Or perhaps a game like croquet or ring toss for adults and kids to really bring the community together over a serious (or not so serious) front yard game…

Water World

Why not consider a water fountain or bird bath? This can act as both a watering hole for our feathery locals and a tranquil statement piece for your yard.

Low maintenance and an appealing addition, these are a great way to add some of your style into your garden. Water features are almost the Goldilocks of gardens… they can come in big and small, coloured or natural, creative fountain style or a casual pond. The only limit is your imagination…

Images: The Design Files, Water Features Direct

When you buy in Brightwood, free landscaping is included in all blocks so we can help your garden dreams become reality.

If you would like to be part of our community, currently home to more than 100 residents, feel free to contact Debra or Lee – they would love to chat to you today!

Or head to our website for more information, www.brightwoodbaldivis.com.au

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