A change of season is the perfect excuse to give your home a refresh and switch up your interior styling. With the sun setting over the horizon earlier and the warm summer air starting to bring with it a slight chill, autumn is the perfect time to create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite styling tips to try in your Brightwood home.

Introduce a New Colour Palette

Autumn colour palettes are the time to introduce a sense of warmth, with a focus on red, orange, and brown hues. Forget greys and whites; sandy yellows, earthy oranges and soft greens are the colours dominating this autumn. Try incorporating these colours through feature cushion on your sofa, a small vase on your coffee table and a pot or artwork. 

Add Some Layers

Incorporating throw rugs, cushions and blankets are a great way to add texture and atmosphere to your home. Whether they’re on your couch, bed or even draped over a dining room chair, not only do they create a cosier feel, but they will also be in arms reach when the weather really starts to cool. 


Dry It Out

It’s time to move away from the fresh bouquets that we opt for in spring and summer and focus on styling our homes with dried flowers. If you haven’t already come across the trend of decorating your home with dried flowers, then get ready to embrace this new trend. Dried bouquets are a great way to keep your home floral throughout the cooler months, not to mention they last forever and never need watering – brilliant!

Light It Up

As the days get shorter and we all tend to gravitate indoors more, a side effect is that there’s less and less natural light filtering into our homes. Changing up your lighting and introducing different light sources is a great way to set an inviting, cosy mood into your home. Floor lamps and table lamps are ideal and economical way to help create atmosphere and mood in your home. 

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We’d love to see how you incorporate some of this season’s trends into your Brightwood home so make sure you tag us in your photos.  

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