Looking to add some unique personality to your new Brightwood Garden? Whether you dream of a lush oasis, a kid-friendly play zone, an abundant vegetable patch or a great space for entertaining, in Brightwood you’ve got the freedom to design a garden that truly reflects who you are.

We’ve compiled a list of some clever ideas that you can implement to transform your garden. 

Creating a Community KidZone

One thing Brightwood is celebrated for is our lively and welcoming community spirit. One way to embrace this is by transforming your front yard into a hub for neighbourhood children, including your own, to socialise and enjoy outdoor fun. Have you thought about relocating the trampoline to your front lawn? It invites your kids and their buddies from around the neighbourhood to jump into afternoons and weekends filled with laughter and friendship.Consider incorporating a sandpit in your front yard – it’s not only a fun feature but also a functional one. Little ones can play ‘construction’ with their shovels and diggers while mingling with their local friends. Or why not set up lawn games like croquet or ring toss? These are fantastic ways to foster a sense of togetherness in the community, uniting kids and adults alike over friendly front yard competitions.

Gardening Fanatic or Prefer Low Maintenance

Are you a green thumb who loves to spend time pottering around the plants? If so, incorporating annual plants  in your yard can give you an ever-changing canvas to work with. This allows you to regularly update your outdoor ‘look’ and indulge your passion for horticulture. However, if you’re stretched for time or simply don’t fancy yourself a gardener, natives and perennials make an excellent alternative. These sturdy plants will thrive for years, requiring minimal maintenance and still providing an appealing landscape. Filling the space with large rocks, paths, garden features and ornaments that don’t require any upkeep is also a great way to reduce your garden maintenance.

Make a splash

Have you ever thought about adding a water fountain or bird bath to your front yard? Not only can it serve as a local watering hole for feathered friends, but it’s also a serene centrepiece that uplifts your outdoor space. With their low maintenance and eye-catching appeal, water features are a splendid way to express your personal style in your garden. Consider them the Goldilocks of garden enhancements – they can range from large to small, colourful to natural, intricately designed fountains to casual ponds. The only boundary to your aquatic attraction is the limit of your imagination. 

When you buy in Brightwood, free landscaping is included in all blocks so we can help your garden dreams become reality.

If you would like to be part of our community, currently home to more than 100 residents, feel free to contact Debra or Lee – they would love to chat to you today!

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